Document Controller

Team Business Document Controller is designed to help you to manage the document life cycle of critical documents, especially those documents related to your IS09000, IS014000 or OHSA18001 certification. Use Team Business Document Controller to build and manage an electronic Quality Manual, including all your detailed procedures and work instructions.

The Document Controller application enables the life cycle of any document to be managed all the way through from the first draft to approval, publication, revision and archive. Activities associated with every document (ie: document reads, document prints) are automatically recorded in the Document Controller log application.

Document Controller provides automatic revision control to ensure that only current version of a document is available to the 'general reader'.

Electronic signatures automatically record date and time.

Document Controller can exist on it’s own as a self contained application, or can be implemented as part of the full Team Business suite.

The applications runs on a number of hardware platforms including IBM xSeries servers and IBM Bladecentre's.

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Features & Functions

  • Create and track documents
  • Send documents for review
  • Send documents for approval
  • Option to convert MS Word documents to PDF
  • Electronic signatures
  • Multi-level documents access control
  • Add comments and notes to documents
  • Archive obsolete versions of documents
  • Wide variety of pre-built views
  • Create full document history
  • Comprehensive field controls
  • Print Control
  • Viewing documents via an Internet Browser
  • Viewing documents on a Smartphone
  • Support for 6 languages


  • Document critical procedures as required by the relevant standard
  • Automated workflow ensures everyone is kept informed
  • Document content is protected
  • Electronic workflow is faster, more accurate and more secure than paper
  • Automatically send reminders on overdue actions
  • Users only see latest approved documents
  • Easily cross reference other relevant documents
  • Helps achieve and maintain ISO certification

The document controller tracking simplifies the control of document management. With the help from the tools(tracking changes,review comment approval,reminder system and audit trails) you can coordinate the entire documentation of the organisations under a single database. It is easy implemented with a complete structure for effective standard of document management of ISO 9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. The procedure can be accessed anywhere by all identified users at anytime.Technical support and troubleshooting has always been prompt,helpful and easy to follow.

N Ismail
Manager - QMS/EMS/SMS/LMS Asia

The Document Controller is one of the key links in our ISO 9001 system, which e-solutions helped us develop. Our entire operation is linked-in to the live server / Document Controller to keep all procedures, policies, and active instructions controlled to the proper live version. The tracking of changes and revisions is excellent and easily auditable by third-parties. The ability to link or instantly access any referenced policies and procedures, through the Document Controller, gives ease of operation to our personnel and creates a very short audit process. With support from e-solutions, we have incorporated the Document Controller and two other Lotus Notes software modules to create a paperless ISO 9001 system.

D Canady
Research and Development Director

Having worked with several versions of this database I can safely say that it brings a huge benefit to the company in the way it allows us to control and manage our key procedures and work standards. The auditing and tracking facility, coupled with the review, approval and reminder systems in the database have made it easy to present an auditable trail to assessors looking at our ISO 9001 and now ISO 14001 compliance as regards the control of procedures.

The ability to configure the database to suit a particular set of documents as regards indexing and management, ,mean that not only is this database useful for SHEQ related procedures, but it also allows us the facility to use it for controlling other documents such as management of change requests in a more systematic and auditable manner.

G Scudder
Operations Director

We have set up a number of Document Controller based applications initially the SHE management system which it suits most admirably but most recently, the initial stages of a Management of Change system. The process of obtaining multiple approvals is far simplified and prevents paper copies accumulating, unsigned on people's desks. The tracking of changes and control of access to draft and completed documents makes life far easier for auditors, managers and users alike.

I Stewart
Site SHE Manager