Migrate your email to the Cloud

IBM SmartCloud Notes (which is part of IBM Connections Cloud) is a full featured, email service designed
for business and delivered by IBM and supported by e-solutions. Users are able to access the service directly over the internet in a number of ways: the IBM Notes client, the IBM SmartCloud Notes web browser, or both.

IBM SmartCloud Notes supports two deployment models; The service only configuration which is wholly self-contained in the public cloud, and a hybrid configuration that allows integration between existing on-premise environments and the cloud. The latter deployment model provides flexibility to serve end users in an on-premise system while serving other users in the cloud, in a way that is completely transparent to users inside and outside the company.

Some of the key benefits:

  • Rapid deployment of collaboration and social software solutions
  • Segment users and data based on user/organisational needs
  • Help minimise security infrastructure needs for external collaboration
  • Help reduce IT and administration needs
  • Help control costs

For further information about IBM Connections Cloud see http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/ibm-connections-cloud

IBM SmartCloud Notes Hybrid—Positioning

In the context of IBM SmartCloud Notes the term “hybrid” refers to a specific configuration of the IBM SmartCloud Notes customer account within the service. This configuration is ideal for existing Lotus Domino customers to seamlessly integrate their existing on-premises Lotus Domino environment (both email messaging and applications) and is a core strength to the value proposition.

It also defines the administrative model allowing more control using standard and familiar on-premises administration tools such as the Domino Administrator client.

Seamless integration between on-premises collaborative services and cloud services:

  • Directory integration and synchronisation to automatically maintain consistency between on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Directory synchronisation of established policies.
  • Transparent end user access to on-premises and cloud capabilities.
  • Support for flexible client platforms, browsers, and mobile devices.

As a “hybrid” customer, an administrator can choose to deploy mail accounts either on-premise or in the IBM SmartCloud Notes service, providing maximum flexibility to meet customer’s needs. Since the service was designed to support both of these user cases equally well, it supports coexistence for two key scenarios:

  • During transition, where for larger customers, it is likely that some users will be on-premises while some will already have been moved to the IBM SmartCloud Notes service and there is a need for seamless interoperability until transition is completed.
  • For customers who for whatever reason, must keep some of their users or functional mail accounts on-premises and must always have seamless interoperability.

e-solutions is one of the few companies in the UK certified for SmartCloud Notes Hybrid Configuration & Onboarding Data Transfer (the process of migrating users and mail files to the cloud).

Our team will provide expert assistance & guidance from the initial planning of the project right through to completion, ensuring that all the customers needs are catered for. For further information please contact us

For further information on IBM SmartCloud Notes see http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/ibmsmarnote

IBM (Lotus) SmartCloud Notes (IBM Connections Cloud)